Friday, August 13, 2010

Nitish Kumar laying the foundation stone of Police Academy


Shambhu Goel said...

Can you help me in bailing me out of the campaign of torture put by the Massive Corruption ridden Bihar Agriculture Department under the aegis of Narendra Singh ,Minister.
Mine is a story where the officers in this department particularly one Sanjay Singh (Deputy Director of Agriculture,Statistics but presently acting as sole incharge of FERTILIZER CELL,BIHAR)who has left no stone unturned to close down one already well functioning vibrant industry in Forbesganj (Araria). He has done this to show his supremacy and out of snobbery that he practices by being at the assigned post for little less than four years .He has acquired this status of In charge ,Fertilizer Cell ,is another unholy story wherein he had the support of one IAS Offcier Sri B. Rajendra ,who is also known for his draconian trait and track-record.
When in the month of January I had on one unfortunate occassion tried to approach the minister,the minister without hearing the matter in its entirety said in the most foul and venomous language that "ये लोग तो दो न. के आदमी हैं "(about us).He even misled Bihar Legislative council when one fellow memeber raised a question on the apathy shown by his department in our genuine case of renewal matter of our 30 years old successfully running industry.

One another Senior IAS cadre officer is also protecting the interest of Sanjay Singh by making him continue at this post when he is the most junior Deputy Director and hence not equal to the post,and at the same time completed three years at this station long back .This is being done on caste factor.
Our application for a mere renewal of licence of manufacturing was turned down by the department on flimsy and unsupported by statutes of FCO 1985 grounds only to putus at a loss ,wreaked untold miseries to a work-force comprising 100-150 laborers who are workless since 18.12.2010(when by an unsustainable whisical order our industry was brought in stand-still mode),lacs of worth of valuable fertilizer has been swept away in recent spells of hurricane and rain , are the various ordeals that we are forced to face due to the machinations and manipulative practies of Sanjay Singh .He is having support of the minister and this IAS officer unabated.
We are facing hardships we fail to understand ,when we have made complaints to the CM,Bihar over his blog"write to CM"in a span of 12 months no action has been taken.This is how Good-governance in Bihar is being promoted by the CM himself.We have become tired of going in appeal in the various appellate authourties' offices of the department.Is this the way Industries will be treated in Bihar ?

Ashutosh Tiwari said...

Thanks for sharing. It is really nice info about Bihar

Ashutosh Tiwari said...
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